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My name is Brisha and I started editing so I could help elevate the voices and stories of people who have been historically underserved. As a neurodiverse woman of color, I understand what it feels like to be judged or perceived as lacking experience or credibility. Good writing is a powerful tool to combat that narrative. That's why I fell in love with story-telling. I believe that all written work has the capacity to make its reader reflect upon our world.My services include editing and proofreading for independent authors, particularly stories either created by or centered around people of color, neurodiversity, body positivity, and the LGBTQ+ community.I am committed to providing insightful feedback while preserving your voice. Your characters and the language used to tell your story are the heart and soul of great writing. Together, we will ensure that they truly connect with your audience, providing them with a cherished experience.


Line Editing | Polishing the style of your prose and capturing consistency across the language of the narrative. Together we will make your work more concise while bringing its true spirit forward. Copy Editing | Ironing out the last of the inconsistencies and making your work effortlessly readable. The transitions, the misspellings, and the devilish details won't know what hit them. Proofreading | Finalizing the text and format for publication. We'll finish off the grammatical errors and kiss the typos goodbye. Style Sheet | This is a document I will create to help both you and I keep track of the conscious decisions we have made throughout your story. Fictional words, capitalization and spelling choices, character descriptions, and more all in one convenient place. Style sheets are particularly helpful for world-building.Free Sample Edit | Your work is precious, and the right collaborator respects that. A sample edit allows you the opportunity to ensure my services are best for you.
Sample edits are not available for proofreading.
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Taylor T says: Brisha is an amazing editor. She's able to truly understand the writing and provide both thoughtful edits and intelligent questions that force you to take your project to another level. She also has an incredible eye for grammar. Worth every penny!Joseph says: If you want someone whose attention to detail is unrivaled, Brisha is your person. Her suggestions constantly keep you on your toes, and will always bring out the best in your writing. No matter what genre you plan on writing, if you ever want a professional editor with a personal touch, I would recommend her 20/10 times. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed!Patricia says: Her review of my document was so thorough. She took the time to confer with me regarding certain portions of the document to clarify specific details. She rephrased portions of the document which helped convey a softer personal tone. She checked and corrected the proper names of places mentioned in the document. Thank you for helping me create a document that truly reflects the experiences I needed to capture for this project. Great job! Wendy says: Brisha is truly amazing! She barely touched the words in my poems, but reorganized them to capture the audience! I will be telling everyone about her and how patient she was when things got tough financially. I love everything she did and can't thank her enough. Cierra says: I just got my first book back from Brisha, and I had to write a review. I was extremely nervous about sending my book off. The reviews I read made it easier to trust Brisha with my book. Now that I’ve got my manuscript back I know why so many others left great reviews. She takes her time to go through and fix things I would’ve never imagined to. My book flows and sounds so good without filler words and she really did spice up my book. If you’re a first-timer like I am, I’d 100% recommend her. The time and care she put into my book were worth every penny!! Brisha is also an amazing person who communicated and reassured me about anything that I was not sure about.

We are based in California.deckle.editproof@gmail.com